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Reduce Work-Related Illness Through Health Surveillance

As a responsible employer, you understand the importance of assessing your employees’ health against possible workplace risk.


Health screening is the safest way to assess whether dust, noise, fumes or chemicals, for example, are affecting your employees’ wellbeing.


Manage Health can organise a host of Health Surveillance tests, comprising of some or all of the following:












Typical Job Roles Where Health Surveillance is Critical

Manage Health arranges medical assessments for several industries and over 30 job roles including:









“Alyson is phenomenal in every respect. We met as a result of a number of recommendations from unconnected colleagues in my network, all of whom spoke very highly of her.


Alyson is dedicated to promoting the benefits of health in the work place. On a personal level she has also been very generous with her time and contacts and has helped me out enormously.” Director – Mediation Company


As experienced occupational health practitioners, we monitor legislative changes to ensure all health surveillance assessments are compliant.


By spotting potential health risks early, we can advise your employees how to protect themselves from future illnesses.


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Occupational Health Surveillance to Protect Employee Health

A healthy workforce is key to a successful organisation. That’s why it’s vital to take steps to ensure your workplace is not adversely affecting an individual’s health.


Health Surveillance detects a host of work-related health risks your employees could potentially be exposed to. By conducting regular occupational health assessments, you can:



Manage Health, leading healthcare specialists, can easily arrange for an occupational health nurse to conduct your on-site health surveillance/screening programme.

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