Manage Health, the occupational health specialists, has provided successful health screening programmes to organisations across the UK for many years.


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Types of Health Screening Programmes Available

Whether you need onsite health assessments or prefer medicals to take place at a local screening centre, Manage Health can arrange tests focused on:



As an employer who values your staff, you understand the importance of providing an inexpensive, regular health screening service. And know that by doing so, you play a pivotal role in detecting potential health risks.


One of Manage Health’s clients, during a single day’s testing, recently discovered an employee with an irregular heartbeat, while another was diagnosed with diabetes. These diagnoses were later corroborated by their GPs.


If left unchecked, these conditions might have deteriorated, resulting in further health risk and absence.


Health Cash Plans to Promote Corporate Wellbeing

Does your organisation provide employee Health Cash Plans (HCP) with inclusive health screening? If so, Mange Health enables you to offer your employees access to health assessments under a HCP scheme.


By arranging health screening to take place within the work place, you can:



To help your employees perform at their best, contact Manage Health. As professional occupational health advisers, we can provide you with the right solution to suit your needs and your budget.


*Source: Pulse Health Screening

Health Screening to Invest in Your Employees’ Health

With heart disease affecting 2.6 million people and cancer affecting one in three*, you can’t take your employees’ health for granted. The best way to protect the health of your staff is to provide regular onsite health screening.


When you offer a health assessment opportunity to your employees, you can:



Health screening can be life saving, especially when a serious illness or condition is detected early. And as you know, healthy staff means a healthy business.

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