The Health Protection Agency (HPA). Protecting UK public health through the provision of support and advice.


Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Professional body for those involved in the management and development of people.


Department of Health (DOH). Policy guidance and publications on healthcare.


COHPA. Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association – not for profit trade body promoting the benefits of Occupational Health.


BBC Health News. Up to date information on health and wellbeing issues updated daily.


MIND (National Association for Mental Health). Leading mental health charity in England & Wales. Campaigning to promote and protect good mental health for all. Collection of information about mental health & related topics.


General Medical Council (GMC). Aiming to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine.


Occupational Medicine Journal. Information for the promotion of workplace health and safety.


Faculty of Occupational Medicine. Develops and maintains high standards of training, competence & professional integrity in occupational medicine.


Worksmart from the TUC. Help today’s working people get the best out of the world of work.


Health, Work and Wellbeing. Government-led initiative to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of working age people. Founded on a growing evidence base that working is good for health, it brings together employers, unions, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders to promote the positive links between health and wellbeing.


Dr Foster Intelligence. A public-private partnership that aims to improve the quality and efficiency of health and social care through better use of information. Aiming to make it easier for professionals and the public to access health and social care information through a range of innovative products and services.


Manage Health. Putting Employee Health First. Since people are at the heart of your organisation, it makes good business sense to invest in their wellbeing. Let Manage Health take the strain backed by over 25 years’ healthcare experience.

Occupational Health Directory and Useful Links

Health & Safety Executive (HSE). National independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness. Information, publications and advice relating to legislation affecting employee health and wellbeing for organisations.


The Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH). World’s biggest professional health and safety organisation. An independent, not-for-profit organisation that sets professional standards, supports and develops members and provides authoritative advice and guidance on health and safety issues.


NHS Direct. The Government’s much publicised self-help medical web site, accessible on line on the telephone or via digital TV 24 hours a day.

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