Don’t compromise the health of your employees. Preventative measures taken today can ensure a healthier future for your organisation. Speak to Manage Health now to find out how you can protect your employees’ health.


Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

When flu spreads through an organisation, it can have a devastating effect on attendance, causing your company disruption and extra cost. The simplest way to prevent this is to set up an on-site flu vaccination programme.


Manage Health can do it all for you:



Drug and Alcohol Testing

Manage Health can arrange independent drug and alcohol testing, to support your organisation’s wellbeing programme.


Whether you require random tests on individuals or a more comprehensive service, contact us to find out more about the full range of health screening services available.


DSE Workstation Assessments

To assist you with compulsory DSE assessments, Manage Health can arrange for a full review to be conducted on your employees’ workstations. This is especially important in the following instances:



Full details on all ergonomic assessments are available on request.


Additional Occupational Health Services Available

When you need ad hoc support or a periodic programme put in place, Manage Health delivers a full range of other occupational health services. These include, but are not limited to:




“I've always counted on Alyson's advice in the occupational health arena. She's knowledgeable, highly experienced and insightful when making recommendations for clients.” Vitality expert


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Additional Occupational Health Services to Support Your Employees

Whether you are a small or larger organisation, it’s important to access flexible, cost-effective occupational health services when you need them.


Drawing on a national network, Manage Health will source the best occupational health providers for you, saving you invaluable time and money.


To support you further, we can arrange quick access to the following services:


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Occupational Health Services:

New Employee Medicals

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Managed Medical Referral

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Health Surveillance

OH Surveillance to Protect Employee Health

Health Screening

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