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Occupational Health Services Provided by Manage Health:

Manage Health can organise a range of key occupational health services to help you fulfil your employee health and wellbeing requirements, keeping your employees’ health in top shape:



How Manage Health Can Support Employee Health

Assessing occupational health providers takes time, stretching your HR professionals to the limit. Manage Health takes care of this for you by:



Manage Health makes the difference... As one of the UK’s leading healthcare specialists, we have the expertise to arrange the right occupational health service for your organisation.


‘Alyson was always professional, creative, reliable and thorough. Her knowledge of health care was exemplary and her ideas and enthusiasm contagious. Alyson completed all projects on time and saved the company a great deal of money.


Alyson raised awareness of issues which had never been tackled before and was well- respected and valued by the company.’ HR Director – IT Company


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About OH - Occupational Health Services When You Need Them

When you put occupational health programmes in place, you invest in your employees’ health and your organisation’s wellbeing. Since absenteeism and work related health risks impact on your bottom line, it’s essential you manage your workplace health efficiently.


Whether you are a small business or large organisation, Mange Health can source the best value occupational health services from a national UK network ... saving you considerable time and money! As a leading healthcare specialist, Manage Health’s independent advisers can:


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Occupational Health Services:

New Employee Medicals

The Simple Solution to New Employee Medicals

Managed Medical Referral

Managing Your Organisation’s Medical Referrals

Health Surveillance

OH Surveillance to Protect Employee Health

Health Screening

Invest in Your Employees’ Health

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